Dealing With High Blood Pressure

Hypertension commonly referred to as high blood pressure, can be seen more and more often in people as they grow older. People who suffer from borderline Hypertension are often advised to lead a healthier life while those who have major problems are treated with med… Lire la suite

7 Tips for Staging a Successful Live Event

In this age of online connections, live events continue to be an essential part of brand and business-building. Hosting a live event gives your brand and business the opportunity to stand out from your competitors. In this way you can have a deeper and more meanin… Lire la suite

What's the Best Way to Meet Plus Size People?

One of the very best things about dating in the modern age is that, more than ever before, we can be comfortable and open about what our preferences are. It's an era of unparalleled openness and for those of us with body shape preferences, it's something o… Lire la suite

The Psychology of Failure

On using a model on the cycle of failure and identifying causes and effects of failure Well on a positive note people usually start with a psychology of success but since I'm doing this alphabetically I would begin with a slightly pessimistic psychology of f… Lire la suite

The Psychology of Fame

On studying the experience of fame and the perception of fame with psychological theories Fame as we know is public recognition or renown and one's reputation in the world. Fame is associated with our needs for power, status, recognition and our needs of ach… Lire la suite

How Inspirational Quotes Demotivate You

I was doing a little market research the other day. I took the biggest sites in the broadly-defined 'self-improvement' sphere and had a look at how people find them. With the right tools, you can see what keywords folk use to find a certain site. Each … Lire la suite

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